Our Site's Exclusive

Each time you complete a successful trade, we'll reward you with Haute-Points, which you can use to acquire another fashion item.

Haute-Point Tier Values

Our 4-tier system ensures fair trading. Each designer label has been assigned a Tier from 1 through 4. This indicates the trade value of your item and the amount of Haute-Points you'll receive as a reward for successfully trading. 

  • Tier-1 item = 100 Haute-Points

  • Tier-2 item = 200 Haute-Points

  • Tier-3 item = 300 Haute-Points

  • Tier-4 item = 400 Haute-Points



How to Shop with Haute-Points


1. Purchase with Haute-Points-Only 

To purchase an item outright using Haute-Points-Only, click the Use Haute-Points Only button on the Item Detail page.
Please note: All members are required to accept Haute-Points-Only trade, unless it is a Premium Item listed as Premium - Not Accepting Haute-Points.


2. Include Haute-Points within a Trade-Offer 
Combining your Haute-Points with a fashion item is a fantastic way to sweeten a Trade-Offer. The recipient may accept or decline it at her discretion. There is no trade reward for this type of trade.




Rules of Usage


If you want to apply Haute-Points toward a Trade-Offer, the items listed in your Trader-Closet should be at least equal in value to the Haute-Points you wish to use. For example, to spend 400 HP, the combined value of the items in your Trader-Closet must be at least 400 HP.



Invite Friends


Invite your friends to HauteTrader. When 3 friends set up a closet, you'll receive 100 Haute-Points!