When listing your Tier-4 item, you have the option to list it as Premium. With Premium listing, both members within the accepted trade will send their item to HauteTrader HQ, where our style team will screen them for authenticity. We recommend this service for bags and purses. Premium trade fees are 50$. Your fee only relates to your item listing.


strictly prohibits the trading of
counterfeit merchandise.

Due to our strict policy regarding counterfeit merchandise, we ask that you do not list your item on HauteTrader unless you are 100% certain of its authenticity.     



  • 1. When you list a Tier 4 item, you’ll have the
    option of listing it as a Premium trade.
  • 2. When trading your Haute-Points
    for a Tier-4 listing, you have the option
    to add Premium protection.
  • 3. All members are required to accept Haute-Points as trade, however, Premium bag listings have the option to Not Accept Haute-Points (PN) and receive only Trade-Offers, which may be Accepted or Declined at your discretion.       
  • 4. If you do not avail your Premium bag listings to the possibility of accepting Instant Haute-Points as trade, you will not receive an Haute-Points trade reward at the completion of your trade.

Have a premium item to Trade?