Auth Mulberry Roxanne Satchel
By: Mulberry SZ: L
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MULBERRY Roxanne bag in rare stunning gold leather Pristine condition, the bag was used as store display, like new raw leather lining PLEASE NOTE: the bag has three metal studs missing at the back - please see pictures. I am not sure how it happened, but it can easily be fixed with matching studs or simple stitching Overall this is a stunning bag, no signs of wear, leather had been professionally cleaned, polished, ready to be enjoyed
Designer Name: Mulberry
Subcategory: Shoulder
Condition: Excellent
Color: Metallic
Material: Leather
Bag Size: L
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@tammie-bonnie hello there! would you like trade for this? I have many other items on Posh, I can move anything you like here to trade @ darbyze
2 months ago
trade? I have more items on posh @ darbyze. Ill move an item here if you like something there!
3 months ago
@tammie-bonnie Hi! What are the dimensions of this? Anything in my closet you would like to trade for? Better for both of us than just buying with points :)
3 months ago

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By: Mulberry
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