Red Leather Classic City Satchel
By: Balenciaga SZ: M
Obvious wear and tear but in good condition
Designer Name: Balenciaga
Subcategory: Tote
Condition: Gently loved
Color: Red
Material: Leather
Bag Size: M
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To Comment,
@chloe-hansen I did receive your package! Thank you so much! I absolutely love the shoes!
5 days ago
@paige-riley Hi! The tracking number for the shoes says that it went out for delivery 3 days ago but still hasn't been delivered. Did you get them?
6 days ago
@chloe-hansen I would actually do the shoes. Didn't notice them before. the premium thing didn't save and I don't want to spend $50 if we are doing clothes. I'm gonna reject the trade and fix it. If you want to offer again for the shoes I will accept.
1 week ago
@paige-riley It wouldn't let me submit more than 3 items. What do you want to do? I'd just put the third in there but then I don't even get points for it. If you also wanted to do you Marc Jacobs, I could send you 4 total items if there is anything else in my closet you want, clothes-wise
1 week ago
@chloe-hansen removing premium now. Thx
1 week ago
Haha k
1 week ago
@paige-riley @paige-riley I would actually prefer that!! Perfect! In that case you would be the only one paying premium so feel free to take that off still if you want. I'll even throw in a couple freebies, and I should be able to ship today. Wooooo!
1 week ago
@chloe-hansen I'm not really obsessed with the white one and I just really noticed the damage on the black. Would you be open to trading clothes? I'd need a lot- the tibi dress, moschino pants, and Tory burch sweater. Sorry to switch.
1 week ago
@chloe-hansen I somehow missed your message. I am fine with not doing premium. Let me take a look at the white one
1 week ago
@paige-riley Hi! Wanted to check in. If it is a deal breaker premium is fine, but I'm def interested and would love to move forward. I also have a white folder bag with giant silver hardware that I would be willing to trade if you are more interested in that. It's in the best shape of my 3 balenciagas. The listing just hasn't been approved yet
1 week ago
@paige-riley @paige-riley Yay! Would you be ok doing it as a regular trade instead of premium? I would rather pay $25 vs $50 haha. I think would both need to switch to regular listings at the same time then immediately trade so no one scoops up either bag for 400 points instead of a trade. If you are ok w that let me know when you are ready!
1 month ago
@chloe-hansen I would be very open to that! I really like the black.
1 month ago
@paige-riley Would you be open to trading for my Balenciaga? It is 100% authentic and the GGH hardware is pretty rare. It has definitely seen some love but it has a lot of life left!
1 month ago
HI @chloe-hansen ! I am the original owner however I do not have the mirror. I bought it at Saks three years ago. It really is an awesome bag! Happy trading ;)
1 month ago
@paige-riley Hi! I love this bag. Are you the original owner? Do you still have the mirror and/or receipt?
1 month ago

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By: Balenciaga
TIER 4    SZ: M
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