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Our Site's Exclusive

Each time that you complete a successful trade-offer agreement, we'll reward you with Haute-Points, which you can use to acquire/trade for another fashion item.

Haute-Point Tier Values

Our 4-tier system ensures fair trading. Each designer label has been assigned a Tier from 1 through 4. This indicates the trade value of your item and the amount of Haute-Points you'll receive as a reward for successfully trading. 

  • Tier-1 item = 100 Haute-Points
  • Tier-2 item = 200 Haute-Points
  • Tier-3 item = 300 Haute-Points
  • Tier-4 item = 400 Haute-Points



How to Shop with Instant Haute-Points

To trade for an item outright using Haute-Points, click the Make Instant Haute-Points trade on the item details page.



Rules of Usage


  • All members must accept Instant Haute-Point trade


  • If you wish to make an Instant Haute-Points trade, the items listed in your Trader-Closet should be at least equal in value to the Haute-Points you want to use. For example, to spend 300 Haute-Points the combined value of items in your Trader-Closet must be at least 300 Haute-Points.


  • Rewarded Haute-Points expire 6 months from the date of issue.


  • Haute-Points received from Instant Haute-Points trades do not expire.


  • Items listed as Premium Not Accepting Haute-Points do not receive trade rewards at trade completion.


Invite Friends

Invite your friends to HauteTrader. When 3 friends set up a closet, you'll receive 100 Haute-Points!




HauteTrader is a fair trading community with an exclusive currency that we expect all members to use and accept liberally. Unfortunately, you have failed to honor your last 3 Haute-Point trades. For this reason, your account was frozen. To unfreeze your account you must agree to abide by our Trader guidelines, which means that you agree to ship immediately should any of your currently listed items be traded for Instant Haute-Points.