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When listing a Tier-4 item, you have the option to list it as Premium. With a Premium listing, upon trade agreement, both trade partners will receive shipping labels directed to HauteTrader HeadQuarters. At HeadQuarters, our trained experts and style team will authenticate and inspect all items for listing details adherence and authenticity. Should there be any question to the authenticity of any of the items, we will immediately reverse the trade agreement and ship both items back to the listing party, and expel the member responsible for listing the counterfeit item. We strongly recommend this service for all Tier 4 Bags. The Premium trade fee is $50.


strictly prohibits the listing or trading of counterfeit merchandise.

Due to our strict policy regarding counterfeit merchandise, we ask that you do not list your item on HauteTrader unless you are 100% certain of its authenticity.     



  • haute-img-symb 1. When you list a Tier 4 item, you have the
    option of listing it as a Premium trade. Premium Trade-fees are $50. This fee does not apply if you are trading for a premium item. This fee only applies if your item is listed as premium. Otherwise, you only pay standard Trade-fees.
  • haute-img-symb2 2. When trading your Haute-Points
    for a Tier-4 listing, you have the option
    to add Premium protection.
  • haute-img-symb3 3. All members are required to accept Haute-Points as trade, however, Premium bag listings have the option to Not Accept Haute-Points (PN) and receive only Trade-Offers, which may be Accepted or Declined at your discretion.       


HauteTrader is a fair trading community with an exclusive currency that we expect all members to use and accept liberally. Unfortunately, you have failed to honor your last 3 Trade-Credit trades. For this reason, your account was frozen. To unfreeze your account you must agree to abide by our Trader guidelines, which means that you agree to ship immediately should any of your currently listed items be traded for Instant Trade-Credits.