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Hermes Purple Zip Clutch
By: Hermes SZ: L
Shanay Dudley
cotton canvas (100% cotton) with palladium hardwareColor-cyclamen violetHardware-silverMeasurements- approx 11.5"width 8.5"heightCondition-carried for few months so edges has light discoloration but look still clean, inside is good. Made in France.Includes----"HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE" tag inside, "Hermes" engraved zipper.
Designer Name: Hermes
Subcategory: Clutch
Dimensions: (approx inches)
Condition: Gently loved
Color: Purple
Material: Canvas ,Leather
Bag Size: L
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@shanay-dudley Thank you! Can't wait!!
4 yrs ago
@kelly-smejkal Hi...your package has been at the PO since yesterday.
4 yrs ago
@shanay-dudley really? Wow! I signed the slip they left in my mail box requesting they leave it in my mail box! Thank you for letting me know, I will call!
4 yrs ago
@kelly-smejkal maybe they will delivery today. I do that also. Enjoy your addition. Thanks
4 yrs ago
@shanay-dudley I went to the Post Office yesterday and they didn't have it. I just rescheduled delivery on the tracking site. I hope it will get to me soon!!
4 yrs ago
@kelly-smejkal oh wow...hopefully you do.
4 yrs ago
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Hermes Purple Zip Clutch
By: Hermes
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