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What Are Tiers?

We utilize Tiers to assign trade value. This value is based on the designer brand of your item. For example, Alice & Olivia and DVF are considered Tier-1 designers, while Chanel and Dior are ranked amongst the highest as Tier-4. It is neither an absolute value nor perfect science, but it works as a starting point. Other considerations when accepting a trade offer include item condition, age, style, and personal preference. Even though our Tier system may help, we suggest you use common sense or, rather, "fashion sense" when making an offer. 


(Effective February 14, 2023)  After careful consideration, we’ve decided to retire the Haute-Points reward on all trades. However, we may run promotional offers, so you may still receive Trade-Credits through invitations or Promotions. 


What Are Trade-Credits?

Trade-Credits assist us in keeping HauteTrader both safe and fun. We employ them as our own trading currency. They may be dispersed via promotions or, most importantly, as compensation in the face of Trade disputes. The usage value of Trade-Credits directly relates to Tier value. Therefore, if you receive Trade-Credits as a trade for your item, we expect them to be received and used the same as an item within an accepted trade agreement.

  • Tier-1 item = 100 Trade-Credits
  • Tier-2 item = 200 Trade-Credits
  • Tier-3 item = 300 Trade-Credits
  • Tier-4 item = 400 Trade-Credits


How do I use Trade-Credits?

To trade for an item using Trade-Credits, select the "Use Trade-Credits button" from your desired item's detail page.


Rules of Usage​​

  • Trade-Credits received from trades do not expire.

  • Trade-Credits received from promotions expire within 6 months.


How do I get Trade Credits?

Invite your friends to HauteTrader. That's a fun and easy way to gain Trade-Credits! The amount received varies upon the given promotion. To learn more visit our Invite Friends Page



HauteTrader is a fair trading community with an exclusive currency that we expect all members to use and accept liberally. Unfortunately, you have failed to honor your last 3 Trade-Credit trades. For this reason, your account was frozen. To unfreeze your account you must agree to abide by our Trader guidelines, which means that you agree to ship immediately should any of your currently listed items be traded for Instant Trade-Credits.